Doing Business in China


Doing Business in China

UK exports of goods to China have more than doubled since 2010 and increased by over 37% in the last 2 years. They were worth £12.4 billion in 2013, up by 18% from 2012. According to China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), UK exports to China are up 20% on the year since October 2013. China remained the UK’s seventh biggest export market in 2013. The UK is now the second biggest European exporter to China. UK’s exports to China are growing 3 times as fast as our imports from China. But there is still much more that we should do in the UK to make the most of this exciting opportunity and reap the rewards of doing business with China. If the last decade was all about “Made in China”, the next decade will be all about “Made for China”.

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy, offering expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK, and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world. Working across the UK, China and Hong Kong, UKTI helps companies in Britain increase their competitiveness through overseas trade in China. UKTI also encourages the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice. In cooperation with the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is on hand to assist you on every step of the way in doing business with China. Whilst the rise of China is easy to acknowledge, business cannot always do it alone, but, whether selling, trading, investing or franchising, China offers opportunities in abundance to UK companies, large of small. This guide gives useful information and points of contact to those best placed to assist your business in opening up those opportunities, giving an overview of some of the practicalities and considerations to take into account whether just starting out on the journey to selling goods and services into China or whether further along that road, to setting up a physical presence on the ground. The UK has a wealth of financial and professional service providers who can offer expert help in doing business with China. This guide was written in collaboration with some of those experts, providing insights and a basic roadmap to doing business with China. Britain has always been one the world’s great trading nations. By harnessing our collective expertise we can really open up exciting opportunities across the globe, creating jobs and wealth at home.

Dominic Jeremey

Chief Executive, UK Trade & Investment

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