Keynote Presentation: Creativity at the heart of a nation

Keynote Presentation
Janet Archer

Chief Executive
Creative Scotland

Keynote Presentation: Creativity at the heart of a nation

The creative sectors are contributing increasingly to the economy, to education, and importantly to our understanding of ourselves, our relationships with each other and the world in which we live. They foster talent and inspire the innovation essential to growing today’s economy.  The heritage and creative sectors are an increasing draw for tourists and are a calling card to the world.

More than anything the role of creativity in bringing beauty, ideas and imagination to our lives provides solace and comfort in an unsettling geopolitical landscape. Digital platforms have accelerated our ability to access content of all forms.

Culture and creativity is central to the idea of building opportunities for future generations, socially, culturally and economically. Public policy making is all about incentivising human beings to shape a better world and must step up to respond to this.

This keynote will provide a personal journey across a UK wide public policy landscape looking at how creative practice has driven the experience economy over three decades.