Narrative Media Spaces

Session 4: Moving the Boundaries
Marc Tamschick


Narrative Media Spaces

Using immersive, media-enhanced spatial concepts in innovative ways, TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE invents, plans, directs and produces experiences, attractions and installations for museums and exhibitions, at Expos and trade fairs.

Moving images completely liquefy the rigidity of the architectural space, making the membrane between reality and virtuality permeable, creating accessible immersive spaces, extending storytelling possibilities and involving the visitors.

Whether using kinetic sculptures, interactive interfaces and sound installations or all-round projections on walls, ceilings and floors – all projects distil the essence of complex content and allow unique, multi-sensory experiences.

The walk-in, interactive narrative spaces, to be experienced intuitively, expressly invite the spectators to actively participate. Transformed from observers to protagonists, the visitors in the spaces become part of the staging, part of the story, which gives them a strong emotional access to content.